The Secret

Wonder why the writing never gets done, wonder why we can’t fully disclose. Still tryin to save Cosby, waiting for them to all die, IDK, but when I do decide to write the story, probably they will all be dead and gone so they can’t hurt me anymore (she).


To remember or to forget what are these vices here to thank or regret

Tryin to live in this life in the moment striving to carve out a space in the mountains

Feeling the squeeze of everyone’s need no one here for the back side of me

Feeling the pressure of everyone’s need no one to stand to the left side of me

wonder if anyone ever wants me no I don’t need you just need some relief

why not

maybe I will write today, what will come I cannot say

healing waves of life enfold me, bringing forth good will to hold me

spirits blessings pouring out to forge the change required about

natures honor, passions promise leading to endeavours honest