When at last my soul is free

To soar with wings on high

Where the truth is me with me

An echo of a sigh

Will a testament be sworn

As to the care I took

In seeing that a dream was born

On pages of a book

Who will set my spirit flying

Taking just one kiss

Say our lives begin at dying

Pain is parting bliss

Hope can overcome despair

If sadness lingers long

Trust will reap the lions share

Undoubting faith grows strong

Speak for me when I am gone

You written evidence

That dark delivers daily dawn

Leaving naught amiss

copyright 4/29/1990

Fore Understood

Let the record prove me out

Exonerate me fair

Defend what I was all about

My reputation spare

If previously unrecorded

Put my notice here

Lest these words go unrewarded

Let no reader fear

All I wish to understand

By filling in these blanks

Would merely be a grain of sand

To place me in the ranks

Only hear my cry of shame

And touch my deepest need

Before you learn to speak my name

So you can sow the seed

copyright 12/22/1990

On Friends

Someone you have known for years, who shares your laughter and your tears

Or the person you just met who may just be your best friend yet

Anyone can wear the hat though few bear special note

A friend is precious, rare as gold

Blessed are those who come to know

A kindred spirit’s call, and go

A golden opportunity

For hope and trust and loyalty

In secrets told to hide and hold

Through times of dark and worlds of good

Knowing when to lend an ear or gently wipe a single tear

For chances vanish all too fast

To touch a soul before its past

copyright 12/22/1990


Locked away with no supplies

The cell, the memory, no surprise

Scribbled thoughts on tiny bits

Hoarded packed and even shipped

Stop reliving days of old

The time is now to be so bold

Let it flow like Peridot

And Truth will shine the light of gold

sct 9:23 am oden, ar 10/17/19*

…previous reference to sct was 9/1/16 sct 2:17 am garland, tx*


There is a place we all can go

To find our peace and let it flow

When angels shine their light you’ll know

The time to fly and just let go

Give someone your love to grow

and trust it was your seed to sow

Gratitude for gifts bestowed

Especially those we buried low

The Journalrey

So I decided to enter all of the old stuff into this log, many of them are handwritten in pencil and fading away. Entered some of them once before into an old word processor courtesy of an old friend, in whose honor this website is titled “This will be the writings of one fine lady” Thanks B. Swanson and R.I.P

In the entries to come I will enter the past and hope to come out the other side, see you there.